I Must Have Missed You

I must have missed you that you decided to pay a visit to me in my dream. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the last few months. Despite trying to figure out the reason and attempting some ways to solve the problem, it kept happened over and over again. But last night, I had the soundest sleep ever.

My sleep last night was really energizing and helped my body to recharge fully. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night trying to fix my sleeping posture, neither did I disrupted by my increasing body temperature. But the dream was.. funny. As far as I’m concern, you no longer live in an apartment, right? Let alone you stay with your parents.

But the situation appeared to be familiar. I must have recalled one episode of our moment unconsciously. Must be that time when I waited for you for hours and got drained because of my silliness. I’m really not the type of person who can sit still. But really, how could you be so vivacious even after working the whole day?

I wonder.. Why did we only text in the dream? Do you think I’m not ready to see you yet? I think it’s not me who’s being mysterious, it’s you. Maybe I should just text you for real.

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