Is It True?

Hello there.. How are you doing? Can’t send you this, but I hope you’re doing great. Hey, it’s less than a month until another celebration. You’re getting another year older though I bet you always stay young at heart. So how has your life been?

Hopefully, every second are filled with happiness and joy. You know what some people often say about time? They say it flies by so fast. As if there’s never enough time to live in the moment. But aren’t we human beings are just funny?

We often spend so much energy either worrying about what hasn’t happened or regretting history. Sometimes we take the word multitasking to another level and do them both at once. As if we forget that the present is the real gift.

But do you know what’s a true miracle is? It’s when time flies by so fast in stillness. It’s when you’re around that particular person that can make the world stop. They make you feel so still, so at peace. So much at peace that you don’t even notice how hours have gone by when they’re around, even when you do nothing.

I feel grateful to know what it was like when you were a part of my days. Does someone make you feel that way too? Is it true? That someone born in September makes your heart flutter?

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