Have a Lovely New Year

Hey, it’s another New Year. I’m sorry I ruined your previous one. But I hope this one brings you so much joy and happiness. I’m not that good at saying greetings, but for you, I’ll give it a go.

May this new year bring so much delight in your heart
May your heart be full of love given by your loved ones
May all the love, joy, and happiness continuously flow throughout the years
May good fortune keep smiling at you
May you achieve all the things you wish to accomplish this year
And may your life as a whole continue to be bliss for every soul you touch in life

May you have the most joyful and loveliest New Year, and it will be the gate to every wonderful opportunity that lies ahead of you. Keep blooming and keep shining. Don’t ever let anything that happens in life turn your light out.

But if ever that happens, let me be there for you to light things up again. After all, you’re the one who gives me my light in the first place. So why don’t you let me shine the way through for you?

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