Hello Patriotic Lady

I didn’t know that. I never thought that you’re such a very patriotic woman. You go far away to another country and take a picture with our foremost leader? Of course, you must have taken pictures with all the figures available there. But the one you set as your profile picture makes me think that you are a true nationalist.

So, despite not knowing who sewed the flag, wrote the proclamation manuscript, or how to say chicken feet in our language, seems like you still have that patriotism quality flowing in your blood. Don’t worry about the recitation. I don’t remember much about history either. I think we should just put the past in the past. Especially when our heart can’t take it anymore. Okay, I’m done with this!

But really, I thought you would display a¬†picture of you with the most handsome, charming, or remarkable Korean figure or maybe a Chinese one. Aren’t those what you really like? I mean, if I want to make you speechless, all I have to do is only ask you to name a song or movie originally made here. Oh girl, you really are unpredictable.

That’s why I said it before, you always make me puzzling. This is one of those moments where you make me think that there still hundreds¬†of sides of you untouched. Also, what’s with the color? You didn’t do it on purpose, did you? Oh, you’re gonna break this fragile heart one more time.

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