Querida, cómo estás? Has your sadness gone away? Don’t be sad. Don’t get hurt. Don’t let any of my posts lately affect you negatively. I was just expressing myself. I was trying to reflect. Though I act like I was talking to you in those posts, it’s not there for you to read. It was just me being a bit of myself. I didn’t even know that you’re still coming here or not.

Actually, you’re not supposed to keep visiting. You’re not supposed to read what I wrote when I wasn’t even sure about what I said. Please don’t get hurt by what I say, I never mean to hurt you in any way.

Please don’t take all my words so seriously. Sometimes I just say things to light up the situation. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

I’m sorry for acting so thoughtlessly for the last couple of months. It’s just.. Well.. I blew my cover carelessly and I felt so ridiculous afterward. All I said after that moment, it was my fears and insecurities that were talking. I felt exposed and vulnerable. I was.. too afraid of many things, yet too insecure to remain silent.

Everything I did after that time.. it was a battle against myself. I’m sorry for trying to drag you into my own battle. If I hurt you in any way, please forgive me.

Please don’t tell me to forget. Please don’t try to make me forget. Despite all my careless behavior, I am.. too much in love to let go, yet too shy to say what’s in my heart.

I don’t know what would be appropriate to say now. But I still wish you can forgive me.

Could you forgive me? Can we start over, please?

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