You Look So Fine

You look so fine. Wait! That doesn’t seem so right, does it? Okay, let me rephrase it. You are so gorgeous! You look so beautiful in white. Also, that smile, that eyes, that hairstyle. You can melt anyone’s heart instantly. I’m kinda worried here. But seriously, I’m still wondering, how can you fit perfectly in anything you wear?

Is there some kind of secret behind? You should share it with the world. I bet every other woman would love to know if there’s a secret to always look fabulous. Oh, wait! I forgot! The secret is in your soul. Well then.. There’s nothing that can be done to help them. It’s not something they can imitate.

Where did you take that picture? The chair looks unique. The carving look so artistic. I like it. Actually, you don’t need a throne to be a queen. Just say your wish, so many people will be willing to make it true. Your wish my order, my queen. Anyway, that’s really a great spot to take a picture.

A lovely lady in a great place, documented by camera. Wow.. That makes a remarkable piece of art. So.. You’re good at picking a song, you’re good at picking a restaurant, you good at picking a spot to take picture. Hmmm.. you better be good at picking someone to be by your side too.

Btw, please try to forget my clumsy behavior. I was worry. Maybe that’s not a good excuse, but what else can I say? Someone like you was not made to feel sad or upset. It will make people worry. I don’t mean to stick my nose into someone else’s business. But really, how can you expect me not to care? I’m not saying this to scare you. I’m not a grim reaper or something. So don’t be afraid.

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