Can You Fix a Broken Heart?

I need someone who can fix a broken heart. I don’t seem to be able to do this myself. I’m not good at mending a broken heart. I’m best at watching it fall apart, collecting every piece to ask for a replacement. So if you can’t do anything to repair this crazy dying thing, at least tell me where I can go and ask for a new and fresh product.

It will be much better if I can ask for a customization. Something like turns off the function when it’s unnecessary. There should also be some kind of self-protection┬áto prevent it from overuse. Automatic switch off maybe?

I mean, it’s a great product. It is indeed. Life will be dull without it. But it’s lack of control which makes it very dangerous. Maybe I forgot to read the manual. But the manual is nowhere to be found. Did I buy a second hand?

Seems like mine is a special edition. Need full attention and extra care┬áto make it works properly. You know, when something is too sophisticated, you can’t expect an ordinary one to deal with it. So I hope whoever stand by you right now, isn’t an ordinary one.

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