Hope You’re Doing Okay

The past few days, the situation has been quite alarming around here. And as usual, every time such a situation happened, I would instantly feel the urge to send her a message. I’d be worried about her and feel anxious. I need to know that she’s okay and there’s nothing to worry about.

But then I realize that the only impact that it has, is on me. I’d feel relieved if she replies to my message and says she’s okay. But when I think about it, it’s not like I would ever get a reply where she says she’s not okay. No matter what the situation she’s in.

Even if she’s not that okay, I guess she would still reply by saying she’s okay. She’s just not the kind of person who’d like to make other people worry. Even if she really need to talk to someone, I guess she would tell it to somebody else. Someone, she’s comfortable to talk to. I hate to admit it, but.. it appears that I can’t provide that kind of comfort for her. But as long as she gets it from someone else, that’d be okay.

Before, I think there’s nothing wrong with sending her a message, making sure she’s okay. But when I think about it very carefully, well.. there’s still nothing wrong with it. But there’s also no point in doing it. Well.. other being a disturbance.

In such a worrying situation, she must be quite busy in contacting everyone she cares about, making sure they’re okay. She must also receive a lot of messages from people who worried about her and need to know that she’s safe.

So I guess the best I can do for her is not interrupting those flows of heartwarming communication. After all, despite how I feel about the situation she’s in, I still have this place. Knowing that there are so many people in her life that really care about her, means there’s nothing to worry about.

So if all I need is pouring myself somewhere, this place is all mine. And I guess it has some kind of magic that can always help me deal with any kind of situation I’m facing. I mean, how can it not? When all the reason this place is exists can always bring a smile to my face.

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