I Fall For Someone

Do you know what I really like about you? I’ve been thinking about it since long ago. The result has me a very long list. But it full of individual characteristic. For me, to be caught up in all those things are a nonsense.

If I really fall because of particular traits, means I could also fall for others who possess the same traits. Which I don’t. But let me tell you. Let me tell you why you are so special for me.

I’ve never been so good with words. I try so hard to phrase all these. Hope I’m doing it well.

I fall for an accountant who sings like a musician. Like she really means every single word come out of her mouth.

I fall for someone who really enjoys her life despite all the turbulence happening

I fall for someone who appears to be very lively but possess a beautiful complicated inner emotion

I fall for someone who looks so carefree, yet softhearted at the same time

I fall for someone who seems to be very independent but really treasure the pampering moments her loved ones give

But out of all, here’s the best part..

I fall for someone who makes being alone no longer feels great

You are everything I like about someone



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