I Think I’m Going Crazy

Giving your heart to someone is like giving them the power to destroy you. Yet, no matter how broken you are, you could never take back what you’ve given. Funny, isn’t it? How come something intangible makes our world upside down over and over again. It’s so fathomless. What’s harder to comprehend is, though we know that it’s just another form of insanity, we still enjoy it like a fool.

How come someone made me flat out of my mind? How could a simple update I should easily pass by shake my world? And how did a glimpse of a notion that crossed my mind made me feel like I’m being ditched from the world?

Am I exaggerating? Yeah! Yeah, of course, I am! There’s no way I would feel this way because of someone. There’s no way..

Do you know the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”? I think this is a perfect example of the saying. And I’m dying now. But you know.. the complete phrase is, “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. So even if I’m dying, knowing that you’re well taken care of… is actually not that bad.

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