My Condolence

Nothing last forever. That’s what people say. That’s what we’re always aware of. And yet, when it happens, it will always bring incredible sadness to our hearts.

All the good memories that once carved a smile on our faces transform into tears we couldn’t contain. And in the midst of the chaotic state of the heart, we wonder, why does time speed up when we just want to stay in the good moment a little longer?

We wish we would turn back time and live in that moment for another day. Creating one last good memory with the person we cherish. Write the happy ending. But even if we would give up everything we have, there is something we just can’t do anything about.

Some pain is so unbearable that we try to run away from it. But the only way to deal with something is to face it head-on. Because once something has sneaked into our hearts and pressed a button, there’s no way to run, there’s no way to hide. If we can’t find a proper way to deal with it, it will only haunt us. And the more we try to cast it away, the more day we live being stuck in the past.

So, don’t be afraid. Feel the emotion, without being drowned by it. The living and the departed spirit have a line that cannot be crossed. Even if something feels unfinished, there’s nothing we can do but just let it be. What we can do is to make sure that while we still share the same realm with people we care about, we care about them the best way we can. So there’d be no additional pain that will follow the forever parting.

Because even sadness and grief are already hard. Regret would be unbearable. But for a loving being like you, what regret would ever come? When you always try to care for the people in your life the best way you know how to.

But every separation is always hard. Every sadness makes the heart beat slower and the tick for another minute feels like forever. I hope you will soon recover from the grief you currently feel. And would continue to be able to enjoy the beautiful moment with the people who are still here.

And don’t forget, the pandemic is still around. Must you go somewhere to bid your last farewell to the one who has gone to another realm, stay abide by the health protocol. And don’t stay too long in the negative state of emotion. It will weaken your immune system. Remember, feel the emotion without being drowned by it. And whenever you’re ready, feel free to continue to live your best life again. And bring joy to people’s lives like you always do.

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