Take Good Care

Look at that… So you still are a morning person. And obviously, you still are as endearing as ever. So the other was just a one-day leave? You’re back to work already? I thought you were going somewhere since you’re sister’s birthday is coming up. No? So… where did you go? Okay, I know… none of my business.

But why did the good habit didn’t stay for long? Don’t you think the good thing is supposed to stay? And also, why did you stay up late? Did you have a lot of work to do last night? Was that why you took the leave? To prepare yourself for the busy days ahead?

I know how dedicated you are to what you do, but try to get enough sleep with a consistent sleep schedule whenever possible. It will do good to your body. Especially since the monsoon season is here.

Our immune system becomes more vulnerable during the monsoon. White blood cells tend to weaken because of temperature fluctuation. So don’t overwork yourself. Maintaining your health at its fittest level is imperative in this season.

Okay, I don’t want to be a hypocrite here. I, too, have been failing at maintaining a healthy lifestyle lately. But I’m determined to change it for the better. Tough for now, the progress seems to be quite slow. I skipped running these two days. Got to go out early in the morning to accompany my parents to the doctor yesterday. And this morning, I wasn’t feeling too well.

Maybe my body was still a bit shocked from the 5 K the other day. It probably needs some time to adapt since I haven’t been running for a long while. Ugh, my body is so weak now. It was only 5 K, and I didn’t even run the whole time. But, it’s okay, just need to keep going, it’ll get better. I know it. I’ve been there. After all, the target, for now, is to run 3 – 4 times a week. So, I’m still on track.

So how about you? Do you exercise regularly? Of course, you must be busy on weekdays. But you have the weekend. It wouldn’t take that much time to exercise. And also, you have a good jogging track around.

Btw, there have been a lot of accidents happened lately. And since it’s monsoon season, I think the risk of something bad happening on the road escalate. So whenever you go somewhere, don’t forget to remind your driver or whoever behind the wheel to drive safely.

Last but not least, the pandemic is not over. So, stay vigilant. And this is another reason not to stay up too late. Sleep deprivation can affect your immune system, remember? So, take good care of your health. Sleep well, eat well, don’t get stress out. When you do, find a good way to release the stress. Don’t let anything that’s not good for you stay inside you for too long. Stay safe, healthy, and happy.

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