So How’s the Celebration Going?

I almost forgot! Isn’t today your sister’s birthday? She may not remember, but we met once. The night was dark, but her smile was bright. Do you all always smile with such sparkling eyes? I couldn’t extract much information about her during that very short time, but I can tell that she’s really nice. It’s quite comforting to know that you have such a person to count on.

Maybe it’s not just her, maybe you also don’t remember the last time we met. It was around 2 years ago. I was heading to the subway station, and you were heading to the parking lot with your sister. I was so busy reading the group chat that I was too late to recognize that one of the two girls walking from the opposite direction was you. I only realized it when I put my phone away to ensure I wouldn’t hit the light pole.

Our paths crossed, and you went straight to the parking lot after saying hello, didn’t even give me a chance to greet you back. I wish you would have stayed, even for just a little longer. But it seems like you’re still mad at me.

Oh, wait! Am I not going astray here? As much as I’d like to talk more and much more about you, today is not about you. It’s about your sister. So, what do you say if we try not to steal the spotlight from her?

So, like I said, she seemed really nice. After saying hello, you went straight to the parking lot. Meanwhile, I was just standing there, frozen. Still can’t believe my eyes. But your sister… she didn’t just follow you.

I don’t know if maybe it’s because you said something to her, but she could have just continued her walk. We didn’t know each other. There was no reason she would have stayed a little longer. But… she did.

Once I could no longer see even your shadow, I turned my eyes to her. She was still standing there, looking at me as if waiting in case I wanted to say something. But I was too surprised. That even though my brain could think about something to say, those words stuck in my throat. So I just nodded at her and continued my walk.

So… I guess I wasn’t wrong at all, was I? It really is in your gene. She might not look lively that night. But that thoughtfulness and considerate manners… Do I need to say anything more?

I have no doubt that you treasure her no matter what day it is. And you never want to skip a day to make her feel as loved as she deserves. But since it’s her special day, there’s nothing wrong with taking it to the next level, isn’t it? I know… there’s no need to tell you that. I’m sure you’re doing it flawlessly.

Btw, forgive me for not posting a birthday greeting for you this year. I thought I would just send you a message. But.. it wasn’t delivered. Okay… I couldn’t manage to send it. There must be something wrong with the send button. Well… if it’s not, then maybe there’s something wrong with me. It’ just… my fingers. It’s been acting out lately. Tapping what shouldn’t be tapped and yet losing the power when I was counting on it. Anyhow, I hope your birthday this year feels as special as any other year.

I know… I know… don’t steal her spotlight. But do you really expect me not to take the opportunity to talk about you even just a bit? Oh, my dear, you got to manage your expectation sometimes. How can I not, when I think about you every single day?

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