Please Have Enough Rest

This might be ridiculous. But if I don’t do this, then I’ll keep thinking about it. Maybe I could pretend that it doesn’t matter. But later on, it may pop up in my mind. Then I’d be trapped in my own reasoning moment again. That won’t be good.

So what I mean with letting go is really to let go of every thought I have about you. Freeing up my mind so that it has enough space to do the piling up work. You can’t let go of something by doing nothing about it. It won’t go away based on your wish alone.

So.. Do you have enough sleep? I have this concern since quite some time. Based on my calculation, you have less than 7 hours sleep most of the night. Probably even less than 6 hours. You do aware that it’s not good for your health, don’t you?

I hope you don’t resort to coffee to deal with your sleepiness. You seem to be a fan of Starbucks lately. Last time I checked it was green tea that you had. Hope it doesn’t change much. You still don’t drink coffee, do you?

But other than sleepiness, sleep deprivation has a long list of negative effect. To mention a few, there are elevated blood pressure which may affect your heart – literally I mean, not your feeling of course-, it’ll also affect your memory, concentration and judgment. Since your job has something to do with analysis now, you surely need your brain to perform at its best.

Lack of sleep also bad for your skin. The excessive cortisol your body releases can break down skin collagen. Have you ever realized how charming you are when you do a cute expression with that flawless skin? Don’t ruin it, okay?

If I have to list down all the problems the sleep deprivation brings to your body, this will turn into a medical-related post. My point is, for someone who has a lot of concern about health like you, having enough rest should not be missing from your daily list.

If you have time to exercise, then you should also have enough time to rest. I definitely won’t tell you to trade exercise with having enough sleep. But it’s kinda pointless when you take care of your health one way and disregard the main thing. Well, maybe it’s not. Anyway, I’m still worried. Please have enough rest.

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