Don’t Stay Up Too Late

Before I get into the main issue, I’d like to say a few words first. Actually, this is kinda dilemmatic for me. Keep writing something to this site while on the other hand, I should just shut down every thought I have about you that came across my mind.

I need to stop thinking about you but I couldn’t just careless. Let just say that this is what we do to our fellow human being. We have the responsibility to take care of each other and remind each other. We all here for a reason and we just can’t live by ourselves, right?

Now, let’ get into the real thing. I’ve previously mentioned how bad it would be for you not to have enough rest. And like I said, based on my calculation you don’t seem to have adequate sleep at night. I hope you’ll be working on it.

But I have another bad news for you. Seems like having enough sleep is not going to be your only homework since I have another concern. It seems like you don’t go to bed at the time you supposed to be. I know you’ve all grown up. But it doesn’t mean you no longer have to pay attention to your sleeping schedule.

That’s because our organs have a schedule too. You should know it better than I do. Check this out. So, if you still up after 9, your triple heater won’t work well. I already talked about heart problems, didn’t I? Staying up between 9 – 11 is the cause.

You really need to sleep at those hours to help your body recharge to the fullest and help it prepare for the next day. Here, you can find out more about what bad luck would it bring when you take the hours from the heart.

The rest is not something you can compromise either. The yang energy begins to grow at 11. It does a lot of work to keep you energized during the day. It’s hard to say that you are you when you’re not cheerful enough. So do a favor to the Yang energy, okay?

As you can see young lady, there’re just too many downsides to staying up too late. I hope you can finish your business and do whatever you have to do for the day before the clock forms a reverse L then let your rest do its magic.

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