You Are Forever Someone I Treasure

Is it wrong? To want to feel closer to someone. Even if they don’t feel the same about us? To try to hold onto memories because we never want it to fade away. To want to find and hold onto anything related to them that we can find to soothe our longing hearts.

People have these wise words that say we got to carry on with life. That strength isn’t about holding on but letting go. And I have nothing against it. If it works for them, then it’s great. They should do what they believe is good for their soul. But that’s not where I found the strength. That’s not what makes my heart feel at peace.

I found strength in respecting the feeling I have for you and not trying to put it behind. I found strength in continue loving, even if there’s nothing for me there. It makes me feel wonderful. To have a person I want to love. Though it seems the feeling is not reciprocated and there will always be a distance between us.

But I want to always hope for the best for you. Pray you always get the love you need. And make sure you never really feel alone. And maybe I can only do that through words. Words you might never read. But if ever in the future, when things don’t go your way and your heart wonder, if there’s ever truly someone who loves you unconditionally… If ever it comes to your mind that I coexist in this world with you… If ever you want to remember the feeling that I have only for you… As long as I’m alive, I would always try to make sure that this place will be as well. Because you are forever someone I treasure.

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